Roof Restoration Hills District represents Sydney’s premier roofing professionals. We are specialists in roof restorations and roof replacements and will have your home looking as good as new with minimal fuss.

Our roofing professionals posses a high quality of work ethic, they have years of experience and knowledge, and understand the importance of punctuality.

Roof Restorations and Roof Replacements

We specialise in roof restorations and roof replacements. We thrive on turning tired old roofs into fresh new looking roofs and increasing a homes aesthetic appeal and market value. A roofs area is such a large percentage of a homes appearance that can be impacted poorly by a rough looking roof.

A roof restoration typically involves cleaning, repairing and re-painting a roof. It is such a surprisingly affordable method to rejuvenate your home. Roof restorations can be carried out on most types of roofs and you will have the option to change the colour of your roof or retain your roof’s existing colour. We have many colours to choose from. Our inspection process will give you feedback on the condition of your roof and its suitability for a restoration.

Alternatively, if you are looking for that complete new look for your home, a roof replacement might be a better option. We have various options when it comes to re-roofing and will offer you our best advice based on your requirements.

A new roof or a roof restoration can be very rewarding for the home owner, resulting in adding appeal and value to the home.

Roof Restoration Costs

We treat each of our jobs as individual projects with their own unique set of requirements and conditions. This results in a job matched to you and your requirements, and ultimately your satisfaction.

Restoring your roof is an affordable alternative to a re-roof. We will carry out an inspection of your roof and provide you with a written quotation. Our restoration costs will include any necessary repairs and work as requested by you.

When preparing your quote, there are various factors to consider that include site accessibility, height and pitch of the roof, disposal of waste material costs, and costs of consumables, e.g. paint. Any of these items or others not mentioned that are significant and/or out of the average will be discussed with you during the inspection process and presented to you up front so there are no surprises.

The Process

Roof Restoration Hills District makes the entire process as simple and painless as possible. We take responsibility for our projects and leave you to continue to do what you need to do.

Call us anytime. Or use our contact form if you prefer. We will have our professional estimator contact you and arrange a suitable time with you for an inspection. We can carry out an inspection without you being home as long as we can access the roof. However, it is preferable that you’re present during the inspection process so we can discuss your requirements and our findings with you at the time.

Following our inspection, we will provide you with a written quote which is obligation free. Our quotes are valid for 30 days and once you accept our quote we will give you a timeframe that we expect to be able to commence and complete your project.

Most roof restoration jobs can be carried out in under a week, however some factors that may affect the job duration are weather, material availability, site access and site availability.

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